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Zeki Azil Chemicals is a market leader in chemical manufacturing and has a central role in the chemical industry’s value chain. As such, it has great potential for sustainable value creation but also a responsibility to contribute towards greater sustainability in the industry.

We are committed to creating sustainable value for the environment and society, because we are aware that we have a responsibility to these issues. For many years now, sustainability issues such as safety and environmental protection have been deeply embedded within our company. They determine how we interact with our employees and customers, affect our commercial success and help us meet the challenges of a changing world. Our goal is to develop a national strategy for sustainability that will continue to guide our corporate efforts into the future.

We are committed to sustainability, and this commitment is reflected in our business processes and decisions.

We recognize that sustainability is an on-going process, which requires a long-term perspective and the involvement of all employees.

Our goal is to act responsibly in all areas of our business and to develop a responsible corporate culture. We will continue to improve our processes, systems, and practices throughout this process. Futhermore, we will improve the work environment by promoting operational efficiency. And we will strive to reduce waste and harmful emissions. We will also strive to create a healthy work environment, where our employees can work in an atmosphere that is conducive to their health and well-being. We are committed to developing the capabilities of our employees so that they can contribute effectively in their respective roles.

We have established a sustainability management system that is designed to meet the company’s requirements, goals and targets. The main focus of our sustainability strategy is on identifying and managing risks related to environmental protection, occupational health, and safety, social responsibility as well as legal issues. The sustainability strategy of our company is based on three strengths: safety, health, and the environment; supply chain responsibility; and social responsibility. We will also strengthen the management of environmental issues by enhancing our awareness about environmental protection, and actively participate in programs related to the conservation of the environment. We will strive to minimize the use of natural resources and improve energy efficiency. All employees at Zeki Azil Chemicals are encouraged to take active part in environmental protection activities.

The foundation of our business activity is safety and ensuring this through all our processes is our duty to society. One of the top priorities in our management policy is the environmental issues for the survival of all species, and shall regard these critical issues with the utmost importance. Furthermore, Zeki Azil Chemicals endeavours to prevent the occurrence of any environmental pollution in all our business activities, and all new projects undertaken are given thorough environmental consideration and conservation.