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high standard of quality for many years

Zeki Azil Chemicals is one of the leading chemical suppliers in Turkey since 2013.

We are a well-known company with many years of experience in the field of chemical distribution.

Established in the year 1994, Zeki Azil Chemicals introduces itself as a renowned name involved in Formulations and supply of Industrial & specialty chemicals. We have more than two decades of experience in showcasing the better side of Chemistry. Zeki Azil Chemicals is a Proprietorship company, based out of Istanbul . Our focus is to deliver highest quality products, which in turn has helped us stay ahead of our competitors. Our range of chemical products comprises of Industrial Chemicals & Solvents, Acids, Alkalis, Cleaning Chemicals, Rust Preventive Chemicals, Paint Strippers, Thinners, Construction Chemicals, Electro Plating Chemicals, Electronic Chemicals etc. In addition to the above, we undertake Product Development and R&D. Our products have acquired huge accolades from our clients. We enjoy long-term business relationship with them. Adopting environmentally friendly and quality conscious practices, we target to offer our clients with products that are designed to meet and exceed their expectations.

Our plant is located at the entrance of the Free Zone Port in Mersin/Turkey, which provides us the geological advantage of delivering our product to customers in bulk with low logistics cost.

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Zeki Azil Chemicals have been the forerunners in speciality chemical industry for over two decades. We provide a wide range of chemicals catering to various industries. We are one of the leading chemical formulators and suppliers in Istanbul , Providing quality assured products. We enjoy long term business relations with our clients, adopting eco-friendly and quality consicous practices

Our Top Product

Ammonium Chloride
Diluent Adhesive Solution (DPs)
Potassium Hydroxide
Ethyl Piperonal 480
Industrial Solvents
Sodium Benzoate
Hydrochloric Acid
Distilled Water


We recognize that sustainability is an on-going process, which requires a long-term perspective and the involvement of all employees.

We are committed to sustainability, and this commitment is reflected in our business processes and decisions.